Uncontrollable Sobbing

I’ve had a strong attachment to fictional characters since I was a little girl and talked about Claudia and Kristy of The Baby-Sitters Club like they were my actual BFFs. I still talk to the TV an awful lot, which my coworkers, family, and friends (usually) humor me about. On some occasions, I even cry! From now on, I’ll be documenting what scenes in TV shows (and movies too!) manage to bring me to tears. And not just eyes welling up, but actual teardrops. Some of this could be spoilers, of course, so make sure you check the episode number before reading onward.

Rookie Blue 3×09, “Out of Time”
Despite seeing the words “ultimate sacrifice” in the episode description, I was still unprepared for Jerry Barber to be stabbed and left to die when attempting to free Gail from her kidnapper. It took a minute to sink in, but as Sam and Andy failed to get any kind of response from him, I knew I knew he was a goner and then I cried through the rest of the episode.

Rookie Blue 3×10, “Cold Comforts”
This episode mostly dealt with the aftermath of the previous episode, which I had watched directly before. I sniffled my way through most of it, but broke down a couple of times as well. Thanks to Tessa for dealing with all my wailing.

Parenthood 4×01, “Family Portrait”
This show has the potential to be on the list almost every week, as has most everything Jason Katims touches. This time, the family coming together to support Haddie before she leaves for college, smiling happily for a photo almost got me, but it was the final shot of Haddie running back to hug her mom and dad one more time that made me lose it. Can you even exit the security line like that?

Parenthood 4×02, “Left Field”
The Victor storyline almost got me this time; Julia’s crazy-dedicated efforts to prove to him that she’s his mom and loves him by sitting in the school parking lot ALL DAY made me start sniffling. But obviously, it was the reveal of Kristina’s breast cancer that really got me sobbing.

Lost Girl 1×09, “Fae Day”
It finally looked like Kenzi was going to get a love interest of her own (not that I mind Bo’s many, many love scenes with yummy Dyson). But the Banshee’s call turned out to be accurate, and he took a bullet for his newly reconciled brother. Nooooo.

Sons of Anarchy 5×03, “Laying Pipe”
SOA is one of the better dramas on television right now, but also one of those where the characters have gotten progressively unhappier and in more trouble ever since the pilot. Opie’s death has really been coming ever since the accidental murder of his wife, Donna, at the end of season one. Lies, betrayal, the death of his father, the abandonment of his (I never liked her anyway) porn star wife, and last week’s omission that he doesn’t know if he can even love at all, immediately pointed toward Ope as the sacrificial lamb Pope demanded. Still, I was destroyed as Jax watched his best friend from childhood brutally beaten to death.

Parenthood 4×03, “Everything is Not Okay”
I was pretty much expecting Kristina’s breast cancer storyline to bring the waterworks, but it was Adam that ended up making me sniffle this week. He grew increasingly harried and snippy at work, trying to keep this big, important secret. When Amber finally confronted him about being on carpool and coffee patrol, he broke down and simply told her, “Kristina’s sick.” The realization dawning on Amber’s face, coupled with Adam’s perfect reaction – relief to not keep the secret, as well as the reality of the situation sinking in now that everyone will know – brought on the big fat tears.

Doctor Who 7×05, “The Angels Take Manhattan”
I sat down to watch this with a box of tissues in hand. It’s been well publicized that this was the Ponds final episode, and as the Weeping Angels would be the villain, I wasn’t expecting it to be a happy goodbye. I probably started sniffling about halfway through, and just ramped it up throughout. Rory and Amy jumping off the roof to evade Lady Liberty and create a paradox really made me bawl (seriously, Moffatt and his tall buildings fixation can suck it). And then, there was that brief moment of happy…they did it! Maybe’ll they just retire, I said to myself…before Rory is sucked away again. Amy chooses to go after him of course, after saying goodbye to her daughter and her raggedy man, and I continue to cry, for about another half an hour. It’s really one of those whammies that gets worse the more you think about it. Sure, they were together, and lived to a nice old age. But they were abandoned in the past, never to see their family or friends, or the Doctor, ever again. There were no computers! Or cell phones! Or television! I cry.

The L.A. Complex 2×13, “Don’t Say Goodbye”
People mock, but I love my Canadian TV, and the finale of this soapy delight was very upsetting. (Not to mention I’m going to be hella pissed if it doesn’t get renewed.) Andra Fuller as Kaldrick King, an in-the-closet rap star has gotten the best character arc by far, although they do have occasional trouble balancing the “gangster with a soft side” thing. In the finale, Kaldrick’s father (who he is newly reconciled with) dies of a second stroke in the hospital before Kaldrick is able to tell him the truth about his sexuality. He is also being blackmailed by another rapper who knows the truth (with the awesome name Infinite Jest), so the episode concludes with him reading a beautiful letter for his dad to his boyfriend. It was so nice I wasn’t even peeved by the montage-y flashback bits that accompanied it. I was kind of predicting he was going to rap it, not just post it to a blog, but it still made me cry. Nice.

Parenthood 4×05, “There’s Something I Need to Tell You…”
Every week, I think I might finally make it through an episode without crying. There was absolutely no chance of that this time, though…I didn’t even make it to the first commercial break. First, Amber came over and just the way she looked at Kristina made me start sniffling. Mae Whitman is a crying goddess, after all. Then, Adam and Kristina decided it was time to tell everyone about the cancer, and I lost it every time – they talked to Haddie on Skype, Max, and then the whole family (that last scene at the pizza place really brought the waterworks). On top of that, Julia had a near nervous breakdown, trying to be there for her kids while getting behind at work, and ended up quitting.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)
This book is kind of a touchstone for a lot of people my age, and I remember reading it for the first time was I was about 12 or 13, and just feeling like it had changed my life in an epic way, but it was completely unnoticeable to anyone but me. I had confidence that the film adaptation would be of great quality and true to the novel, because the screenplay was written by the author, Stephen Chbosky, as well as the film being directed by him. I still had no idea just how absolutely affecting and wonderful the movie would really be though. I literally cried through almost every scene – the upsetting ones, the really upsetting ones, and the beautiful, lovely happy ones. The core cast of Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller, and Emma Watson did such an ridiculously perfect job of embodying Chbosky’s distinct characters – really the whole cast was great, but they were amazing. I could not imagine a better adaptation, and I highly recommend everyone to read the book and see the film (in that order) if they haven’t already.

Parenthood 4×06, “I’ll Be Right Here”
This week was kind of a slow burn sniffle. Everything from Amber’s confession of worry for Kristina on her date with Ryan, to Jabbar teaching Crosby to pray, to Adam’s worried goodbye as Kristina was wheeled away to surgery, then learning that the cancer’s still there, and lying about it so Haddie will go back to Cornell. The only respite was the scenes with poor Mark, who’s adorable but no match for the gruff charms of Ray Romano. And he bought cable for her and everything!


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