Sleepy Hollow


Sleepy Hollow
Monday | 9:00 pm (E) | FOX

The first new show of the season invariably fills my heart with glee, regardless of the actual quality. So, with that in mind, I found Sleepy Hollow absolutely delightful…spooky, quirky, and a new mashed-up mythology featuring the Revolutionary War, the Biblical apocalypse, and some witchcrafty bits. Plus decapitation!

Sleepy Hollow feels fresh to me in part because of my complete lack of knowledge of previous iterations of the story beyond “dude has a pumpkin for a head, maybe?” Additionally, the two leads – Tom Mison as the out-of-time Ichabod Crane, and Nicole Beharie as police lieutenant Abbie Mills – haven’t really had breakout roles yet, allowing them to easily sink into the characters. Of course, having a male and female lead immediately puts the shippers on alert for any romantic chemistry. I’ll come out as cautiously against the couple being more than an evil-fighting partnership, as long as Crane’s got that dreamy, witch wife left to rescue out of limbo.

As I said before, I found the mythology we’re given a pleasing mish-mash. The Headless Horseman is actually Death, the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. If he gets his head back, here come the other three, plus the Apocalypse. Crane (sorry, I’m not typing Ichabod more than once twice) and Abbie are the Witnesses, meant to fight a seven-year war (Seven seasons? Oh dear.) against the forces of evil. Then we’ve got a good coven and a bad coven of witches, of which Crane’s wife is (presumably) good. Evil’s got some other flunkies too, like the creepy demon that Abbie saw as a child, and poor, “Guest Star” status John Cho. Come back to me!

Long Term Prediction:
As long as the mythology stays on the “I can explain this in under 5 minutes” side, I’m in. Magical mysteries, with a side of period drama and a strong lady character is where it’s at.


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