Emily Owens, M.D.

Emily Owens, M.D.
Tuesday | 9:00 pm | The CW

I’m glad I waited a second week to post a review of Emily Owens, M.D. The first episode had me cringing on more occasions than actually enjoying it, but as is the CW’s way, the show grew on me like a teen soapy fungus until I was pretty much enamored by the end of episode two.

The low turned high point is Mamie Gummer’s performance as the titular Emily. Emily is an new intern at Denver Memorial, and excited to finally be in place that isn’t like high school, only the conceit of the show is OF COURSE working in a hospital is like high school. She narrates the whole show with voiceovers that make it hard to not drawn a comparison to early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Emily’s a lot more dorky and a lot less twisty than Meredith Grey, though, which really sets a different tone for the series. At first, I found Emily ridiculously irritating: I cringed the hardest at her proclamation (yes, proclamation) of love for her med school BFF Will (a restrained Justin Hartley) on their first day of work. But by the time the end of the second episode rolled around, and she was calling Will out to “man up” while she tried to get over her crush, I was much more impressed. Gummer brings a confidence to how Emily handles her awkwardness that is really endearing, not to mention the way she handles her patient. At times, the voiceover even felt natural, although we could all probably do without the vague, metaphoric, tie all the plot lines togethers type speeches.

The rest of the cast feels well realized, if sticking a bit to the standard archetypes. Cassandra Kopelson (Aja Naomi King) is Emily’s nemesis from high school, reinforcing the main shtick of the show. Also playing mean girl is Necar Zadegan as Gina Bandari, Emily’s boss, and the inventor of some fancy surgery thing that’s the reason Emily (and Cassandra) wanted to work at DM. There’s also Gina, the Chief’s daughter and Emily’s kinda-friend (although she might not remain that way, given the compromising position Emily saw her dad in), who helps her out but also gets her into trouble. Emily attempting to suss out the sexuality of one of the nurses for Gina was pretty amusing, as was the hate campaign the nurses apparently started after the incident, which included some subtle shade thrown Grey’s way.

But really, the thing we care about is Micah, Emily’s chief resident (or something vaguely boss like?). Michael Rady was hopeless dull on Melrose Place 2.0 and could never compete with Cappie for Casey’s affection on Greek, but really has a chance to be the romantic lead we’re rooting for here. He’s charming and also charmed by Emily, even whilst confiscating her Ring Dings. By the end of episode two, when Micah finds her sitting with his mom for her chemo (pancreatic cancer, 10% survival rate), it’s clear he finds her as cute as he denies. My quick prediction is a build up of secret longing on Micah’s side, leading up to a super romantic kiss, at which time Will realizes he does have feelings for Emily. I’d be happy to see it play out that way, because it’s sure to be adorable, but I don’t mind being surprised either.

Long Term Prediction:
My little fangirl heart is already addicted to this sweeter, fluffier Grey’s Anatomy. I hope it gets picked up for a full season soon.


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