Thursday | 10:00 pm | CBS

Elementary is America’s attempt at a Sherlock Holmes reboot, coming on the heels of the ongoing (and fantastic) British series Sherlock. Johnny Lee Miller stars as Holmes, just coming off a stint in drug rehab, and Lucy Liu is Joan Watson, his “sober companion” and former surgeon. Sherlock Holmes is the original procedural detective (along with being the most often portrayed literary character of all time) so Elementary seems like a natural and easy fit for CBS.

Miller’s performance is nowhere near iconic as Benedict Cumberbatch of Sherlock thus far, but there’s definitely potential there. Liu, on the other hand, has often been unreadable to me, and I’d like to see her be a lot more emotive before I can get invested in the character. Whatever other cast they might bring in might be lovely, but again, I’ll be drawing all my comparisons from my much beloved Sherlock – it would take a lot to outmatch Andrew Scott’s Moriarty.

My main apprehension overall is the complexity of the cases. Holmes’ most iconic quality is his superior logical reasoning. The pilot episode’s case – a rich woman murdered in her own home – could be easily predicted shortly after the body was discovered. The writers will have to be much cleverer to entertain Holmesians. Cribbing from Doyle’s original work isn’t a bad idea either.

Long Term Prediction:
While I avoid most procedurals, Holmes is iconic enough for me to stick around for at least a first season, provided the cases become a bit more complex.


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