Guys With Kids

Guys With Kids
Wednesday | 8:30 pm | NBC

Guys With Kids is one of many, many generic “bunch of dudes/friends/families” sitcoms NBC has tried to develop in the last couple of years and it reads that way. Anthony Anderson, Zach Cregger, and Jesse Bradford star as dads with four, two, and one kid(s) respectively. The set-ups in both the pilot, that aired at a special time, and this second episode are familiar sitcom tropes – he forgot their anniversary! She forgot their anniversary too! – and you can predict each turn a mile away.

Surprisingly, I didn’t completely hate it. Jesse Bradford’s newly divorced Chris is the most irritating, especially his harpy ex-wife that pops up with her numerous keys to his apartment. I’m not sure why this role was even deemed necessary; Erinn Hayes is forced to be repetitively horrible and unfunny as Sheila. Unless they are headed toward reconciliation (unlikely), the show could be much improved by writing the character off. Anderson’s stay-at-home Gary is serviceable, but a tired cliché. The real bright spot is Zach Cregger, who brings real charm as Nick. Cregger and Jamie-Lynn Sigler have admirable chemistry. In the most enjoyable scene so far, he rectifies a missed date with a build-your-own Titanic in the living room, complete with Celine Dion, bubblewrap iceberg, and a huge diamond necklace…filled with lipgloss.

Guys With Kids is the type of sitcom that could last a whole season, maybe more, if paired with the right lead-in and an time-slot. It might not really deserve it, or be remotely close to must-watch television, but it’s nice while I’m painting my nails or reading a magazine.

Long Term Prediction:
Unless I hit the overload point of if I watch one more show, my brain will explode (which honestly seems possible given my over-packed viewing schedule this year), Guys With Kids seems like a nice filler show.


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